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Mattress Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to recycle a mattress?

The fee for our service is $70 per piece.

What are your service areas?

We service a 30 mile radius from Tualatin, OR. If you have questions on if we service your town please give us a call 800-790-6422.

What items do you pick up for recycling?

At this time we only accept mattresses or box springs.

*Please note: any mattresses infected with bedbugs or coming out of a bedbug infested building cannot be recycled. All of our mattresses are recycled into other consumer products (carpet pad, cushions, dog beds, etc…) and cannot be processed if infected with bedbugs.


  • Headboards or footboards of any kind (metal or wood)
  • Hollywood frames or other metal bases
  • Mattresses or box springs/ foundations with Excessive Soiling
  • Bunk beds or frames
  • Sleep Number Beds, Water Beds, Futons
  • Fire damaged mattresses
  • Mattresses that have more than 40% of the surface visibly wet (flood damaged mattresses and/or mattresses left out in the rain.)
  • Bed bug infested mattresses

What happens to your mattress once picked up?

Each mattress and box spring is taken to our recycling and processing facility. The procedure for recycling a mattress consists of the polyurethane foam and cotton fiber on either side of the steel framework being cut away, the mattress is sliced open so the steel core can be removed. Each piece of material is sorted, compressed, and formed into bails for shipment to reprocessing companies. The steel is sent to mills to be melted down and reformed, the foam is shredded and turned into carpet pad for homes, the cotton and other fine fibers are shredded and reprocessed for use by textile mills.

Do you accept drop offs?

We do not accept drop offs. All mattresses must be scheduled for pickup.

How much of a mattress is recyclable?

On an average mattress 85-90% of a mattress is recyclable.

Why is there a charge for pickup?

We send out a dedicated 2 man pickup team to conveniently load your mattress from anywhere in your home or garage. This assures that your used mattress is safely removed from your home. Moreover there is minimal value in the scrap materials recovered from a mattress; the recycling charge covers the cost of running the processing facility and truck fleet. This charge ensures your mattress will not end up in a landfill to decompose over the next 80 years.

Where do mattresses go if not recycled?

Unfortunately 20 million mattresses per year end up in US landfills. With 85-90% of the material recyclable these mattresses create a large source of bulk waste. Our goal is to eliminate as many mattresses decomposing in landfills as we can.

Why are you against donating used mattresses.

  • The #1 mattress sold in the US is a queen size mattress.
  • The #1 mattress size requested by shelters and housing programs: TWIN
  • Donating a mattress especially a queen or king size mattress is putting additional burdens on charity’s, shelters, and housing programs to find a way to dispose of it.
  • Most used mattresses are no longer in sanitary condition to be used by a charity or shelter.
  • If your mattress is no longer comfortable or is past its usefulness you are not helping those in need.
  • We work closely with the Portland Housing Authority, Central City Concern, Transition Projects, WA DHS and other organizations in Oregon and SW Washington on providing clean, comfortable, NEW mattresses to groups in need. If you would like to learn how you can help support these organizations please contact us for details.